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Song Is The Power
Three workshops and one performance.

For artists interested in exploring song, songwriting and the singer-songwriter. No musical experience necessary, just an interest in the song as a space for contemporary art. We will write some songs together, but they might end up being objects or spaces, as much as pieces of music.
The Dream Bureau
An installation/workshop/performance at Turner Contemporary in Margate. Audiences were welcomed into the Dream Bureau where they could draw scores, play objects and interact with projection and sound.
boat-house-theatre (with Tom Adams)
A multi-output project involving a fishing boat, a lost houseboat community, songwriting and putting it all on the high street in Stockton-on-Tees.
Athelstan Sound
Ongoing sound and listening workshops in Margate.
The Invisible Knapsack - A Remix
This work is a remix of Peggy McIntosh’s 1989 text 'White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack'. The original text consisted of 50 examples of the privileges afforded McIntosh, a white woman, within her life and work at the time of writing, and references work, social and economic situations where this privilege plays out. Dan re-wrote the entries, with entries, with the help of colleagues in the sound arts and with the blessing of McIntosh, to explore the state of privilege in sound art
Liberation Through Hearing
A commission for Measure, installed in Gilbert Scott's original red telephone box outside the Royal Academy in London. The piece was a endless on-hold system that connected listeners to a version of Opus No.1, the most popular on-hold music in the world, performed by myself and contemporary music group ARCO. An accompanying on-hold voiceover described various histories of listening, telephony and spiritualism. The listener is never connected, remaining in a holding space for the duration.
Yesterday (Tingle)
An installation for Harewood House in Yorkshire created in response to their exhibition of Sevres porcelain. The piece included a collaboration with ASMR filmmaker Olivia Kissper.
We Know What We Like...
We know what we like and we like what we know is a project curated by Trish and Dan Scott which involves contemporary artists making bespoke artworks for resident’s homes. Piloted in Swale in 2014, three households across the borough were given the opportunity to commission an artist to make an artwork especially for their home. The production process was underpinned by discussion and negotiation with the aim of generating a new understanding about art between artists and households.
Sonic Trails at Tate
In 2012 I iniatiated Tate Learning's Sonic Trails series of audio works made by sound artist for the two London Tate galleries. We initially commisioned four artists and the programme has since worked with many artists to produce works. I have made two trails myself, Adrift (with Olivia Kissper) in 2015, and This Is Our Garden In The Morning in 2018.
The Palace of Green Porcelain
The dialogue entered into by Scott and Schwab for the purpose of this exhibition, focussing on the properties of clay and sound, has demanded the creation of a new set of tools, a new language even, which enabled their two distinct practices to overlap. Their conversations, with each other and with the objects they have produced, can be seen and heard throughout the gallery space as these sounds and gestures become reinvested in the works on display. The stoneware, speakers, prints, tape recorde
On The Sonority of Clay
A series of works exploring clay, sound and archeao-acoustic mythology.
South London Windmills
An LP of field recordings made at the site of former windmills around South London.
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Athelstan Sound

Ongoing sound and listening workshops in Margate.

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