Herring Quest (in collaboration with Trish Scott)

The town of Siglufjörður was once the centre of Iceland's herring industry. Years of overfishing then decimated the herring population. In August 2009 we spent a month attempting to reverse this trend and lure the herring back to town. A strict daily programme of research, ingestion, adornment, incantation and summons successfully culminated, on 22nd August, in a single herring being caught in Siglufjörður´s harbour.

For full details visit http://trishscott.org/herringquest/

Harry Belafonte and the Herring Girls

Harry Belafonte and the Herring Girls is an audio-walk through the town of Siglufjörður, taking in the Herring Museum as well as the town harbour. The piece explores the hidden links between Siglufjörður, the herring girls who used to work there, and the music and heritage of calypso pioneer Harry Belafonte.

Speaking the Mountains

This recording was made during August and features eight residents of Siglufjörður reciting local names for parts of the mountain landscape around the town. The piece is intermittently accompanied by a wordless performance of a local folk song about the mountains, performed by Örlygur Kristfinnsson. The speakers are Örlygur Kristfinnsson, Hrafn Örlygsson, Hildur Örlygsdóttir, Rósa Húnadóttir, Hannes P. Baldvinsson and Halldóra Jónsdóttir. The piece is available to hear in the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður.

In the early part of the C20th a fishermen in Siglufjörður undertook a mission to collect all the local names for the landscape in the Siglufjörður region. After some years of walking and speaking to local farmers, all during his breaks from fishing, he collected around 1400 different names for mountains, valleys, lanes and flats. During the first decade of the C21st three Siglufjörður residents collated his findings onto a website, www.snokar.is, for contemporary walkers and folklorists alike to scrutinise.