The Palace of Green Porcelain

(Text by Rebecca Lewin)

BREESE LITTLE are delighted to present The Palace of Green Porcelain curated by Rebecca Lewin, an exhibition of objects and sounds by artists Dan Scott and Katie Schwab that interrogates the relationships between things and humans. Bearing the physical imprint of its maker, the clay object in particular has more than once been proposed as an early – and accidental – recording device. Originating in Scott’s research project On the Sonority of Clay, the exhibition represents an investigation into the object as an archive of echoes.

For the duration of the exhibition, BREESE LITTLE’s gallery space will be transformed into a conch: a carrier of barely-perceived sounds, a void in which hidden hierarchies and the silent agencies of objects become amplified. The multi-layered installation, which will include new clay and sound works, will draw attention to the gallery as stage and site, with a series of performances and discussions focusing on the presence or absence of sound heard in three dimensional spaces, whether those spaces are contained by objects or the walls of the gallery.

The disembodied voice has long been used as a cipher of terror in science fiction plots, conferring an embodied, even humanoid quality upon the physical presence of the object holding the sound. The title of the exhibition is taken from H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine (1895) and refers to a building that holds a long-defunct museum, whose library has rotted but whose object collections remain as a source of interest for the protagonist.

Schwab and Scott have developed a series of new works exploring the process of collaboration and creation. Their attempts to find affinities between different forms of art production will result in manipulated texts, finished and unfinished objects and fragmented sounds that together produce a language that attempts to interpret the spaces occupied by sounds and objects.