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Dangerous Fruitless Flowers (2009)

Recorded in England
Artwork by Tilde Engstroem

Heartbeat Earthquakes
Doubt Yourself
Dangerous Fruitless Flowers
The Cave
You Know Me
It's Not Our Bones That Make Us Human, That's For Sure

No Air Pt.1 (Can't Breathe)
No Air Pt. 2 (No Air)

Allotment (2008)

Recorded in Barcelona, Bremen and Cornwall
Artwork by Tilde Engstroem

Your Introduction
The Mean English Eye
I Was Moving On A Different Plane
I Missed the Message, I Was Digging
The Question
Tiny Meadows
Market Town
June Is The Beginning of the Summer

So Full of Pleasant Mystery Is This
Sunshine Set On Us All

Primary Color Pop (2007)

Recorded in Barcelona during February 2007

It's Not Love
Shout It Out
This Could Be A Love Song
I'll Step In
Roka's Confusion
Just Got To Tell You Something
The Butcheress

Bird Song of Lost Worlds (2006)

Recorded in Brixton, London during winter 2006

The Pale
Do I Know You?
Mule Tracks
Sing A Love Song
There's A Lot More Living To Do, There's A Lot More Loving In You
I Gotta Sing
Mary, Mary
Birds Of Prey

Mint Parables (2006)

Recorded in Brixton, London during spring 2006
Artwork by Trish Scott

Elephants Ne'er Forget
Just Be Sure
It's Not Me It's You
So Long
Love Is Sure
Lazy Eyes Of Love
So It Begins
I Use Words

The Occidental Confusionist (2005)

Recorded in Brixton, London during summer 2005. Sycamore Tree recorded by Guy Fixsen
Artwork by Trish Scott

Sycamore Tree
I Began To Climb
Don't Go Down Too Easy
Sunshine To The Brain
These Things I Do For You
Gasp For Breath
I've Never Been There
Carl Jung