Covas do Rio Cover Version

Covas do Rio Cover Version is a vocal cover version of field recordings made in Covas do Rio, a small village in Northern Portugal. The project was supported by Binaural/Nodar. A work-in-progress film version (see below) was presented at the Vozes de Magaio Festival on 22nd July 2011. A blog of the project can be found here.

Research for the project included a listening session with residents of Covas do Rio, where I presented real field recordings I had made of the village. I wanted to make sure I'd selected the right sounds, and see if I'd missed anything obvious.

I then made this film of myself singing the field recordings at various locations around Covas do Rio. All the sounds on the film are made by my mouth.

An audio version of the piece will be released by Binaural/Nodar in 2012.