Cover Version Lecture Series

Ridley Road Cover Version Lecture

Live at Polyply 10 at the Centre for Creative Collaborative, Kings Cross, London.

Cover Version Lecture #1 is a live cover version of a lecture I had made in my bedroom one week previously all about cover versions. The lecture was an discussion on cover versions, touching on Duran Duran, Justin Bieber and John Coltrane, as well as an introduction to my Ridley Road Cover Version project.

The cover version lecture technique is very simple, I just listen to a recording of myself through an earpiece and repeat it into a microphone.

Covas do Rio Cover Version Lecture

A cover version lecture made as an introduction to Covas do Rio Cover Version. This lecture was given in Portugese. I presented it at the Festival Vozes de Magaio on July 22nd 2011.

(Photo by Luis Costa)