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Some News for Winter 2016:

On December 2nd I convened a workshop in listening at In Dialogue: https://indialogue2014.wordpress.com/indialogue-2016/

I've also been teaching at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama this term.  So many very talented students and staff, it's always a pleasure.

Working with Sophie Mallet at Resort Studios on a project exploring the role of the arts in regeneration, and the possibilities of an arts space being a community resource.

Presented a remix of Peggy McIntosh's The Invisible Knapsack - all about white privilege - at White Sound (Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism) at the London College of Communication.  Nerve-wracking.  The event was brilliant.

I've been performing with the live wing of Athelstan Sound, a monthly sound and listening workshop I convene at Resort Studios in Margate.  Recently did Free Range in Canterbury, organised by Sam Bailey.

I'm a trustee for the Contrapop Festival in Ramsgate, set up by Kyle McCallum, which means the guaranteed and, at least, annual opportunity to have a drink with the other trustees who are all wonderful people.